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Benefits of sleeping on a smart pillow

What if your pillow could be more than just fluff or feathers that you rest your head on at night? What if your pillow was an active participant in your sleep? Now, there' technology to do just that. Smart pillows, such as ZEEQ by REM-Fit, are designed to not only monitor your sleep patterns but analyze them to improve your sleep. In a survey conducted by the NSF and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 60% of sleep technology owners reported being more aware of their sleeping patterns; 51% said their sleeping had improved. Specific benefits of using a smart pillow include:
  • Stop snoring , Nearly 90 million adults snore. Which probably keeps 90 million others awake at night listening to their partner "saw logs." A smart pillow can detect when you begin to snore and encourage you to adjust your sleeping position; ZEEQ uses subtle vibrations. Welcome to a snore-free slumber.
  • Play your music , without disturbing your partner: Does ambient noise or soft background music help you fall asleep faster? A smart pillow, such as ZEEQ by REM-Fit, can stream a playlist of songs using wireless speakers inside the pillow. Even better, if your partner prefers silence at night, they won't hear a peep.
  • Track your patterns in bed: A smart pillow can show you how often you toss and turn throughout the night, and at what point you got your deepest sleep.
  • Wake up without grogginess: Are you and your snooze button close acquaintances? By using a smart pillow, the data it collects can help inform the right time for you to wake up in the morning.