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Best Pillow to Stop Snoring

Best Pillow to Stop Snoring

November 28, 2017

 Excerpted from the Paper Blog

ZEEQ Smart Pillow, Stop Snoring, Sleep Tracker, Sleep Music, Alarm Clock and ZEEQ App

Since the market is teeming with smart pillows, it would be unfair to complete this snoring pillow review without reviewing at least one of the best pillow to stop snoring that features smart technology. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow introduces you to smart sleeping with quality personalized audio sound, sleep tracker, and anti-snoring solution. And it' not left behind in terms of comfort: This features adjustable foam fill on top of a first-class pillow cover superbly made with moisture-absorbing fiber, and luxurious thickness Features
  • Snore alarm
  • ZEEQ app for wireless music/audio
  • Sleep analysis feature
  • Smart home ready
  • Smart alarm
  • Sleep motion detection
  • Music sleep timer
  • Built-in remote
  • 2-weeks battery life
Pros Cons
    Will not fit into your standard pillowcase
Verdict This is an innovative anti-snore pillow which combines luxury and great support with maximum comfort. You can track your sleep trends, stream personalized music and reduce snoring without bothering your sleep partner. We feel that this could be the pillow that stops your snoring at long last.