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Editor' Pick Award, the best products of 2017

Editor' Pick Award, the best products of 2017

January 02, 2018

 Excerpted from Gadget Gear

Albert Zeeman: Zeeq anti-snoring pillow

Perhaps the most difficult choice of the past years: my Editor' Pick. I also purchased a number of products that I have reviewed because they just work perfectly. There is the LaCie Lacie d2 Thunderbolt 3 as a super fast external hard drive for all my video projects, but also the DJI Spark that I started to love after I started using the controller as well. The NixPlay Cloud Frame allows photos of Facebook to be shared with the family throughout the day. But the gadget that the whole family enjoys and that I can recommend to every snorer is the ZEEQ anti snoring pillow. The interface of the app is stubborn and actually not really nice, but I can read all the information about my sleep. When was I in deep sleep, when I turned and especially how many decibels I produce at night and how often did the pillow vibrate to wake me up slightly. That way snoring stops and you notice nothing. Even on holidays, the ZEEQ anti-snoring pillow will go with you, otherwise I can stay at home according to the family and partner.