Emily Reviews , REM-Fit Sleep ~ A Mattress Review

 Emily Reviews , REM-Fit Sleep ~ A Mattress Review I received a Sleep 500 12-inch Hybrid Memory Foam and Pocket Coil Cooling Mattress for review. The main specifications that caught my eye was the 5 layers of memory foam as I knew that would cushion my achy pressure points. I ended up finding so many more awesome qualities to this mattress the more I slept on it! The mattress features Nordic Chill fabric that disperses heat throughout the night, this was so important to me as I am always hot in the night and prefer a rather chilly sleep atmosphere most especially when I am pregnant. Now the mattress claims ample back support and boy does it ever, I can feel my lower back resting on the mattress while my bottom is pressed down into the mattress. The material on the top of the mattress is incredibly soft and plush where the old mattresses we used to have had a tough un-stretching plastic type of fiber. Read the full review at Emily Reviews.