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The Harrison Review , My pillow' smarter than your pillow

If you've been wondering what to do with all that extra cash you're so sick of, I hope you hightailed it over to the Luxury Technology Show last week in Chelsea. Otherwise, you might not be aware of some of the must-haves coming soon, or already upon us, like the smart pillow. Now, a truly smart pillow would have a mallet that knocked you over the head every time you couldn't sleep. (Well, every time you were in BED and couldn't sleep. You wouldn't want the pillow/mallet chasing you around the apartment.) But this smart pillow, the Zeeq, does things like detect when you are snoring. Then it gently vibrates so you'll shift position. This is an improvement on the old "smart device" you may have employed, also known as "your spouse," who would gently (or not) kick your shin when you started sawing logs. For $299, the Zeeq also streams music, and since it, like everything else in the world, is linked to your phone, which is linked to your life, Zeeq also keeps a record of how your sleep correlates with how much you ate, walked, ran, exercised, napped, drank wine and guzzled coffee during the day. Read more at The Harrison Review