ZEEQ, The Anti-snoring Smart Pillow That Streams Music and Tracks Your Sleep

With many intelligent accessories now available for the smart home, the Amazon Echo is no longer the only must-have device; there are now other tech favorites like the ZEEQ mart pillow.  

ZEEQ Smart Pillow, A Comfy Addition to our Smart Home

As a proud owner of ZEEQ, I am excited to share that my experience so far has led to me parting ways with my two John Lewis pillows. It was an inevitable divorce that started when I unboxed the smart pillow. The first thing I noticed was how ZEEQ resembles the kind of luxury that you can only afford past the age of 30- plush, white and big. Then, as I took a closer look, I also noticed a small remote control, that housed the smart technology, discreetly tucked away in the corner of the pillow. Read the full post at Fashnerd.com