How can I add activities other than walking/jogging/running to my REM-Fit Active (Manually adding ActivePoints)?

September 27, 2018

Your REM-Fit Active is designed to give youActivePoints for your walking, jogging and running. However, there are other activities that can earn you ActivePoints as well. If you would like to get credit for those other activities, you can add them in the REM-Fit Active app and they will be added to your daily ActivePoints total. A couple of things to keep in mind, you can only add ActivePoints for the current day, and once you add the ActivePoints you CANNOT delete them. Here is how to add Manual ActivePoints.

1.Open theREM-Fit Active app and go the ActivePoints page

2. Click the"Add Activity" button

3. Choose an activity in the search bar or by selecting one from the dropdown menu

4. Enter the duration of the activity (in hours and minutes)

5. You will see how many ActivePoints you will earn at the bottom of the screen so you can confirm them.

6. Scroll down to the"Save" button and wait for the confirmation.