How can I save or download my REM-Fit Active data?

September 27, 2018 not only let';s you view your user data, but also let's you download it. If you would like a copy of a chart or to download a .csv file of your results, follow these steps:

1. Log in to with your username and password. ( Forgot it? Click here: )

2. From the Dashboard (the default screen after you log in) scroll down to the charts.

3.Choose the date range (Today, Weekly, Monthly or Custom) on the left. Note, if you select a custom date range you are limited to 31 days. More than that will result in an error.

4. Choose the data type (ActivePoints,SleepPoints, 360 LifeScore, steps, etc.) on the right.

5. Once you have made your selections, the data will refresh.

6. If you would like to save your chart or export your data, click the settings (the three stacked lines in the top right of the graph) and select the format you would like to save.