How do I cycle through the different screens on my REM-Fit Active or REM-Fit Active 100 device?

September 27, 2018

Depending on the version of REM-Fit Active you have, you will operate it a bit differently.

REM-Fit Active 100 (LED lights on the display)

The lights of the REM-Fit Active 100 will change based on the information it is giving you. Tap the device 3 times quickly to see your goal progress. Press and hold the display for 3 seconds to see the battery status.

  • Charging: Red lights roll across the display
  • Battery Status: 1 solid red light for each⅓ of battery remaining
  • Low Battery: Red lightsblink10 times every 30 minutes
  • Switching to Sleep Points mode: 3 blue lights for 5 seconds
  • Switching to Active Points mode: 3 green lights for 5 seconds
  • Goal Progress: 1 blinking green light for each⅓ of your goal reached
  • Goal Achieved: Device vibrates and flashes many different colored lights for 3-5 seconds
  • Communication with device: 3 blinking blue lights for 3 seconds
  • Alarm: 3 green lights flash for 3 seconds, plus the device will vibrate

REM-Fit Active and REM-Fit Active 200 (OLED Display)

The touch sensor on your REM-Fit Active is on the top of the device on the left side of the screen. The left side of the device is the side with the two copper charging pins.

The screens you will see are:

  • Watch with date and battery status
  • Active Points (or Sleep Points if in Sleep Mode)
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories

For best results, a simple press on the left side of the screen will cycle through out the screens. Tapping is less effective than a press on the screen.