How do I update the firmware on my REM-Fit Active?

WARNING: Before attempting a Firmware Update, please contact chat support. Most devices ship with the most current firmware so there is no need to upate the firmware unless the app requests that you do so.

New features added to theREM-Fit Active app or device may require a REM-Fit Active device Firmware Update. You can update the firmware on iOS devices using the instructions below. Unfortunately, Android users are not able to update the firmware using an Android phone. Android users will need to use a friend's iPhone and the REM-Fit Active app to complete the process.

Before you being the firmware update process you will want to make sure your REM-Fit Active device is fully charged. The process will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. We recommend reading all of the instructions BEFORE you attempt the firmware update (you can also watch the video at the bottom of this FAQ). Additionally, it is best to do a firmware update first thing in the morning (right after you finish sleeping) as you will lose all the data from the current day. Be sure to sync your REM-Fit Active BEFORE beginning this process.

Step 1: Open theREM-Fit Active app. If you are using a friend's device for the update, be sure to log in with your username and password.

Step 2: . Go to theREM-Fit Active Settings (click the 3 stacked lines in the top left corner of the app) and, sync your device by clicking the "sync" button.

Step 3: . Return to the REM-Fit Active Settings, and scroll to "Device Settings."

Step 4: Press the "Firmware Update" button

Step 5: Update the firmware. This is a 4 step process:

Firmware Update Step 1: Click the "Select Device" button in Step 1 of the instructions and select your REM-Fit Active device from the list. If you see more than one REM-Fit Active, you will need to make sure you are at least 30 feet away from other REM-Fit Active users in the area and try again.

Firmware Update Step 2: Put theREM-Fit Active into update mode. Click the "Enter Upgrade Mode" button and wait for your REM-Fit Active device to say "Tap to Update FW". As soon as you see that tap the REM-Fit Active device until the screen will no longer illuminate. You will only have 3 seconds to do this. If the device no longer responds to taps you may proceed. If tapping the device causes the screen to display information, please go back to step 1.

Firmware Update Step 3: Once the REM-Fit Active App gives you the pop up notification to proceed to step 3, you can click the "Re-Select Device" button and choose your REM-Fit Active from the list. It will be labeled as "REM-Fit Active" or "Boot Blue".

Firmware Update Step 4: Update the Firmware. Press the "Select Firmware File" button and then select "Shared Files" option. Then select the .bin file that is presented. Once selected, the screen on the REM-Fit Active app will change to a progress bar while the firmware updates. This will take 3-5 minutes. After completion, you will see the REM-Fit Active Logo on the REM-Fit Active device and you can now use your REM-Fit Active as usual.

If at any point you run into issues, just start back at Firmware Update Step 1. If you need additional assistance, go to and use the chat feature in the bottom left of the screen or email