How is REM-Fit Active different from other fitness trackers on the market?

September 27, 2018

Most fitness trackers currently on the market focus on how many steps you take in a day, the distance you traveled and the calories you burned. At REM-Fit, we believe that an active and healthy lifestyle isn't only about steps, but how active you are being and how much quality sleep you can get. To that end we created the REM-Fit Active Sleep and Activity tracker featuring our exclusive ActivePoints, SleepPoints and the 360 LifeScore.

Earning ActivePoints is our way of showing you how active you are in a given day. It counts not just steps taken, but the intensity of your activity. For example two people may get 10,000 steps in a day, but have two very different ActivePoints totals. A person who achieves 10,000 steps by taking short, leisurely walks throughout the day, would have a lower ActivePoints score than a person who takes 10,000 steps by taking a long brisk walk, a jog or a run. The more sustained activity you have, the higher your ActivePoints will be. For most users, one hour of brisk exercise a day, will earn 300-400 ActivePoints.

You can track your ActivePoints in the REM-Fit Active App and on the REM-Fit Active device. In the App you can also view your last 7 days of ActivePoints on a chart so you can see how you are doing for the week.

Additionally, you can add your friends and create groups of friends to challenge them on their weekly ActivePoint totals. Add friends and create groups on the REM-Fit.comwebsite.


Earning SleepPoints is our way of showing you how well you sleep at night. SleepPoints are earned based on how much movement the REM-Fit Active detects while you sleep as well as how long you were asleep. Your sleep is broken down into 4 types: REM Sleep, Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and Awake. Our exclusive SleepPoints equation will assign you a number based on how well you slept. For most users, 300-400 SleepPoints indicates a good night's sleep.

You can only earn SleepPoints by putting your REM-Fit Active into "Sleep Mode". In the REM-Fit Active App, click on the "Sleep" icon on the bottom of the screen (or click on "Sleep" in the settings), and enable "Sleep Mode." Do this right before you go to bed. When you wake up, simply return to the app and end "Sleep Mode." The app will show you the time slept in REM, Deep and Light sleep, a chart of your sleep patterns, and the number of SleepPoints earned.


Your REM-Fit 360 LifeScore is a way for you to try to achieve a great balance of healthy sleep and an active lifestyle. The score is a combination of your SleepPoints and ActivePoints. You will not be able to achieve a score of 360 without having bothActivePoints andSleepPoints. While you can get more than 360 ActivePoints or SleepPoints in a day, the REM-Fit 360 LifeScore tops at 360. Because if you have a good night's sleep and an active day, you will have had a well rounded day. Well rounded -360° - Get it? :)

Challenge yourself to get a full REM-Fit 360 LifeScore everyday!