My new pillow doesn't seem to be as comfortable as I hoped. Is there something wrong with it?

September 27, 2018

Your new REM-Fit Pillow is designed with the latest sleep and comfort technologies. Due to this, you may need some adjustment time for your body to get used to it. Here are some tips to help you make sure your REM-Fit Pillow is working optimally for you:

1. Support Clusters - If your REM-Fit pillow features support clusters you may need to add or remove some to make the pillow the right density and firmness for you. If you like a really firm pillow, add as many support clusters as you can. For a thinner/softer pillow feel, remove the Support Clusters until you get you pillow to an optimum level. There is no "right" amount to Support Clusters - use as many or as few as make the pillow right for you.

2. Adjustment Time - Just like a new mattress, a new pillow takes some adjustment time. For most people this adjust period is 7-28 days. We recommend using the pillow for at least 7 days to ensure that your body has had some time to adjust to the new pillow.

3. Support Cluster Orientation - Be sure to evenly spread out your Support Clusters in your REM-Fit Pillow to allow for a more comfortable experience. Additionally, you can "soften" your Support Clusters by pulling them out of your pillow and rolling them on a hard surface for 30-60 seconds each. This can help if you like the density of a lot of Support Clusters, but would like them a bit softer.