What are Medals and how do I earn and view them?

September 27, 2018

Medals are our way of giving your a high-five for your achievements in a day, over a month and in your lifetime. Medals are broken up into three categories: Daily, Weekly and Lifetime.

Daily - Daily medals are earned each day you hit certain milestones. You can view all of your Daily medals on the Medals page in the REM-Fit Active app (or on your dashboard on REM-Fit.com). Each day you unlock a medal, it will be shown in the app. You will see the medals you earned today on the page as you earn them. Additionally, you can also see all the medals you have ever unlocked by tapping on the Earned & Available Medals button.

Weekly - Did you walk the equivalent of a marathon in a week? You get a medal for that!

Lifetime - Making a daily commitment to being active is a big deal. As you rack up the ActivePoints and distance, you can earn Medals for those milestones as well.