What is the REM-Fit 360 LifeScore on the REM-Fit.com website?

September 27, 2018

Your REM-Fit 360 Life Score is a way for you to try to achieve a great balance of healthy sleep and an active lifestyle. The score is a combination of your Sleep Points and Active Points. You will not be able toachieve a score of 360 without having both Active Points and Sleep Points. While you can get more than 360 ActivePoints or Sleep Points in a day, the REM-Fit 360 Life Score tops at 360. Because if you have a good night's sleep and an active day, you will have had a well rounded day. Well rounded -

360° - Get it? :)

Challenge yourself to get a full REM-Fit 360 Life Score everyday!

Shameless Plug: While the REM-Fit Active will help you keep track of your Active Points and Sleep Points, if you want to make the most of your sleep, check out the entire REM-Fit line of sleep products at REM-Fit.com.