When I open the app after waking up to press the 'Stop Sleep' button in the ZEEQ app, I see the 'Start Sleep' button. What happened?

September 27, 2018

If when you wake up and you expect to "Stop Sleep" in the ZEEQ app, but the "Start Sleep" button is showing here are a few things to note and/or try:

  1. If you overslept and had an alarm set, your ZEEQ may have exited sleep mode. Simply refresh the screen by pulling down on the Home Screen to refresh the app. This will force the ZEEQ to manually sync. After this is complete you should be able to view your data from the night before. If there was no data it is possible that ZEEQ was not put into sleep mode from the night before.
  2. Sometimes the ZEEQ app needs to be restarted. Simply close the ZEEQ app and reopen it. When the app is reopened that will trigger a sync with your ZEEQ pillow.
  3. If you use 5-click or Auto Sleep to put ZEEQ into Sleep mode, it may take a few seconds for the app to register that when you open it after you wake up. In this case, please either pull down to refresh the screen or restart the app to trigger a sync with the ZEEQ pillow.