Zero G Adjustable Power Base


  • Individually Articulating Motors - Allows head and feet to be raised or lowered independently for nearly unlimited position options.
  • Smartphone Control - Connect your smartphone or tablet to ZEROG to control all functions (and more!) wirelessly via BLE.
  • Synchronizing Bases - A one-step process allows you to pair two bases together to control them simultaneously.
  • USB Ports - Charge your devices through the use of 4 USB ports (2 on each side)
  • Wireless Remote – Includes illuminated buttons and flashlight function for ease of nighttime use
  • Works with existing headboards


  • ZERO-G - provides an ideal spinal position to maximize comfort and recovery.
  • Anti-Snore - reduce snoring with a slight tilt that won’t affect your sleep
  • Memory - save any position you want for one-touch adjustment
  • Flat - simple one-touch button returns your bed to flat.


  • Mattress - Compatible and designed to complement all REM-Fit mattresses. Works with any adjustable base mattresses (of matching dimensions)
  • Capacity - Supports and will work with up to 650 lbs. load (Queen)
  • Height - 12-inch leg height elevates your ZEROG to an ideal height for ease of entry/exit from your bed.
  • Articulation - Head raises up to 60° from flat. Legs raise up to 50° from flat. Infinitely adjustable
  • Power - Plugs into a standard wall outlet.
  • Note: King-sized bases are comprised of 2 Twin XL bases
  • Top of Platform sits at 15", and bases are made to fit into an existing frame. 


  • 1-year limited warranty - labor
  • 5 year limited warranty – parts
  • 15 year prorated warranty - parts


  • Headboard brackets are not included. If you would like to add headboard brackets to your order. Find them here.

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