Sleep 400 2-inch Gel Memory Foam Firm Mattress Topper

$74.99 $149.99

Get a perfect nights sleep with our amazing REM-Fit Sleep 400T Mattress Topper. Our Firm Mattress Topper features 2" of Adaptive Foam for extra support, while our Soft Mattress Topper features 2" of Cradle Foam, for extra comfort. The Sleep 400T Mattress Topper also features our exclusive natural Re-Ax Unleashed fiber with Hi-Flow Knit to keep you cool and comfortable while you recover and get a great night of sleep. Non-Slip Grip Surface backing ensures a secure fit over any mattress that won't shift when you do.

  • Re-Ax Unleashed Fiber™ - Powered by TENCEL®, Re-Ax Unleashed Fiber™ utilizes the most advanced fiber technology available. This advanced fiber reacts to one's body during the night, providing the most active moisture management and temperature control regulation possible. Re-Ax Unleashed™ also naturally inhibits bacteria growth and is hypo-allergenic.
  • Contour™ - A unique 4-way stretch that creates an invisible and undetectable environment that contours to not only the sleeper, but also the sleep surface, allowing for free range of motion during sleep.
  • Hi-Flow Knit™ - This unique knitting style allows for optimal air flow between the sleeper and the sleep surface, allowing for a cooler sleep environment while adding a layer of comfort.
  • BreezTech™ - Allows for the best hot and cool air transfer. Allows the hot air to flow away from the sleeper and cool air to travel towards the sleeper. Also allows for the pillow to breathe efficiently, extending the life of one's pillow.
  • Adaptive Foam (Firm Mattress Topper Only) - Our gel-infused foam adapts to your body's temperature dissipating the heat for a cooler night's sleep.
  • Cradle Foam (Firm Mattress Topper Only) - Cradles you as you sleep providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

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