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ZEEQ Tracker Smart Pillow
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ZEEQ Tracker Smart Pillow

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Smart Pillow Tracks Sleep with Science

Built with integrated motion sensors and sleep tracking technology, ZEEQ Tracker Smart Pillow delivers nightly insights developed to help you improve your sleep. From motion to the time of sleep to restlessness, the app-based results proved minute-to-minute insight into your nightly slumber, while a number of nightly questions help expose the habits that impact your sleep.

Cool and comfortable, this sleep tracker pillow features a responsive and highly breathable build that delivers cradling support throughout the night. Featuring a silky soft, moisture-wicking fabric encasement, it's hypoallergenic and soothing to the touch.

  • Sleep Analysis - Analysis of movement, rest, sleep duration and much more
  • Smart Home Compatible - Works with IFTTT to integrate with your smart home, and also connects with Amazon Echo for sleep reports via voice control
  • Remote Control - Easy-access remote allows you to power on, change volume settings and more when your phone is out of reach
  • Tencel® Lyocell Fabric Pillow Cover - Woven from soft, hypoallergenic fibers that inhibit bacteria growth and offer moisture-wicking temperature control
  • 2-Week Battery Life
  • Dimensions: Length: 16-in, width: 23-in, Depth: 4.5-in

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