October 05, 2017

Excerpted from Get Green Be Well.


When we heard what the ZEEQ by REM-Fit Smart Pillow did to promote better sleep, we were kind of skeptical. Yet after using it, we'll agree that this pillow is kind of amazing! It' my husband' new favorite pillow, and my sister really wants one now, too. With embedded technology that plays music or other audio through speakers inside the pillow, you can easily drift off to sleep without disturbing your partner. Set the timer so that the music from your phone turns off at a set time. You can also schedule a wake-up alarm that can only be heard through your pillow. So you won't wake up your partner. That' pretty cool. Also super cool about this smart pillow is that it can help you track sleep problems. That' right, you can actually get a sleep analysis and real data about how often you toss and turn so that you know what' going on in your sleep. A gyroscope located deep inside the pillow (you won't feel it) can actually tell you the next morning how often you tossed and turned. For snorers, the pillow can be programmed to automatically start vibrating when you're snoring over a certain decibel level. Which is a brilliant solution for when you're snoring keeps your partner up at night. My husband (who is notorious for going through pillows like crazy because he hates them all) loves this pillow. He raves about how soft yet firm it is. That' a win! So definitely a great review for ZEEQ REM-Fit pillow with at-home sleep analysis.

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