Our Story

Who Is REM-Fit?

At REM-Fit, we focus on creating products and technology that deliver a better night's sleep. From integrating smart sensors and connectivity into the most comfortable sleep products on the market to using new more effective materials in traditional sleep gear, we work tirelessly to improve your every night. 

Our goal is to help you sleep better, recover faster and get more out of each and every day through better nights.

What Is REM-Fit ?

Founded in 2014, REM-Fit began as a division of Protect-A-Bed. In 2018, REM-Fit began 100% independent operations focused solely on providing the best sleep and recovery products available. With strong manufacturing, award-winning product design, and a team focused on innovation, REM-Fit is positioned to change the sleep industry.

Innovating Sleep

Through technology, manufacturing and material development, REM-Fit brings the latest discoveries to the sleep space to create the ideal environment for rest and recovery. By focusing on innovation, we are able to deliver cool, comfortable night time experiences help boost your health, recovery and health.

Product Excellence

By working closely throughout the manufacturing process, REM-Fit create cooling pillows, memory foam mattresses, hybrids and technology that are tested to deliver consistent comfort and performance throughout a long service life.


We believe that our team extends from the manufacturing floor to the bedrooms where our products finally reside. Always hungry to deliver the best experience possible, we welcome your feedback. If you have any thoughts or insights, please call us at 866-860-9626 to chat.