Who Is REM-Fit?

REM-Fit is a team of dedicated individuals who believe in a restful night’s sleep. We all know that sleep is often put to the wayside in our busy lives. However, we really should be paying more attention to the activity we spend one-third of our life doing. Being fitness enthusiasts, we know how important rest and recovery are to any training routine, which is why we developed the first Total Sleep Recovery product line to help you meet your fitness goals!

What Is REM-Fit ?

Launched in 2014, REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding brand that that helps you achieve a healthy and active lifestyle by getting the best sleep possible for maximum recovery and comfort. The REM-Fit product line consists of three product categories: The REST, the ENERGIZE and the MOTIVATE Collections.

The REST Collection's Hybrid adjustable pillows feature innovative technologies that regulate body temperature during sleep, adjust to any comfort level, and protect against bacteria growth that are prone to happen in all pillows. The patented pillows adjust to your preferred sleeping style, including back, side or stomach. The result is a clean, comfortable and healthy sleep zone. They are available in the 200, 300 and 400 Series each featuring unique properties.

The ENERGIZE Collection’s waterproof fitted sheets are designed to help the sleeper focus on catching those recovery ZZZ’s by ensuring they get a restful night’s sleep. The sheets are knit using premium materials, from man-made fibers to all-natural Tencel fiber that is created from wood pulp. The sheets help regulate body temperature by wicking moisture away from the body, creating a cool and dry sleep environment. The product lineup provides a choice of products that enhance the comfort of your current bed by being totally invisible, and supplying you with all the benefits mentioned above.

The MOTIVATE Collection’s REM-Fit Active line of products are Sleep and Activity trackers, which focus on analyzing sleep and activity, not just showing your number of steps or time slept. Using our exclusive algorithms for SleepPoints, ActivePoints and the 360 LifeScore, REM-Fit Active provides you with a score based on the efficiency and effectiveness of both your sleep and activity combined. By focusing on both activity and the sleep needed for recovery, REM-Fit Active is an exciting way for you, no matter what fitness level, to track your sleep and activity and contribute to living a healthy lifestyle.

REM-Fit is a division of Protect-A-Bed, a company with over 35 years of experience in the sleep industry.