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The best sleep tracking tech 2018

The best sleep tracking tech 2018

January 02, 2018

Excerpted from T3


ZEEQ' anti-snoring pillow is undeniably smart. It boasts a 3-axis accelerometer to record your tosses and turns in the night as well as a microphone to catch any snores. And, if you are snoring, it'll give you a vibrating nudge so that you change head position. Its tracking information is all displayed in an app and it integrates with Alexa and IFTTT, so you can ask your Amazon Dot how well you slept last night and how often you snored. Or, if you want to be really flashy, you can link the pillow' ‘Stop Sleep' button to turn on your smart lights. Away from tracking, its built-in Bluetooth speaker will play soothing music or podcasts wirelessly to help you nod off and wake you up with a gentle alarm when you're in light sleep. It' a pretty ridiculous device, to be honest, but if you snore, and/or you want the absolute cutting edge in pillows with tech in them, Zeeq is your baby.