500 Series Cooling Hybrid Pillow, Queen Size

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Certified Ergonomic Cooling Hybrid Pillow Delivers Custom Comfort

A combination of responsive inner springs and supple memory foam give the 500 Series pillow the ability to cradle, comfort and support you throughout the night. Designed and developed with a blend of Nordic Chill cooling fiber and Tencel on the exterior casing, this cooling memory foam pillow has a chilly touch and feel that not only reduces sleep temperatures, but wicks away moisture to promote healthy sleep.

Designed to bring together the best of support and neck-spine alignment, this cooling hybrid pillow is essential for quality restorative sleep.


  • Memory Foam Hybrid Fill - Filled with supple memory foam and wrapped coils
  • Re-ax® Fiber Pillow Cover - Unique jacquard knit surface for soft, cozy comfort
  • Proper Head & Neck Alignment - Multiple densities available for contoured support
  • Moisture & Heat Transfer - Dissipates sweat and body heat throughout the night
  • Hi-flow Knit™ - Maximum airflow for cool comfort
  • Contour Fit - Provides freedom of movement
  • Re-Ax Unleashed® - This advanced fiber actively captures moisture and wicks it away from the sleeper for increased comfort and cooler sleep temperatures.
  • Nordic Chill - This cool-to-the-touch fiber transmits heat away from the body while you sleep, leading to reduced hot spots, and more comfortable sleep throughout the night.
  • Memory Foam Hybrid - Memory foam and low tensions springs adjust instantly to your position, ensuring proper neck alignment and support throughout the night.
  • Dimensions: Length: 17-in, width: 26-in, Depth: 6-in

Easy Care
Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Do not dry clean, do not bleach, do not iron.

Main Panel 52% Polyester, 33% Poleyethylene, 15% Tencel® Lyocell; Color Panel 100% Polyester.

1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

Tested and certified by globally recognized programs, our products are proven both at home and in the lab.

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