Activity and Sleep Tracker Buying Guide

With all the benefits that a sleep tracker can provide, from helping you achieve better health, to enjoying more energy and focus, the real decision is what’s the best sleep tracker for you.
Fortunately, REM-Fit offers a sleep monitor to fit every need and budget, each powered by our premium sleep app.
To help you decide, following are quick overviews of REM-Fit’s sleep tracker products, as well as a features chart to help you identify the model which best suits your needs.
The Active 100 Sleep & Activity Tracker combines a premium sleep tracker with daytime activity monitoring. This wearable device offers REM-Fit’s comfortable “SecureActive” wristband, a splash-proof design, and up to six days of battery life between each charging. The complementary sleep app is available in both iPhone and Android versions. At night, it calculates your “SleepPoints” using sophisticated algorithms based on movements while you sleep. During the day, it tracks your “ActivePoints” by measuring your steps, plus estimates distance walked and calories burned. The sleep app also combines your SleepPoints and ActivePoints to deliver your “360 LifeScore,” which offers further actionable insights into your healthy lifestyle habits. Attractively priced, and it comes with a USB charging dock. The wristband is available in 11 eye-catching colors.
The Active 200 Sleep & Activity Tracker offers all of the features of the Sleep 100, plus “Advanced Watch,” which delivers dependable time, date, and rechargeable battery usage, conveniently viewed on an easy-to-read OLED display. The integrated “TwinkleTorch” flashlight function offers a convenient light source in dark conditions. The Active 200 gives you up to seven days of battery life, comes with a spare wristband, plus a belt clip for an alternate way to wear the sensor.
If comprehensive sleep tracking and analysis are your top priority, look to REM-Fit’s Sleep Monitor. Featuring medical-grade sensors, it tracks your nighttime movements, plus heart rate and respiration rate. When morning comes, the iPhone and Android-compatible sleep app offers a full range of advanced insights, plus the ability to recognize correlations between factors like diet and exercise and the quality of your sleep. It’s also smart home compatible, letting you automatically optimize home heating and cooling settings, as well as lighting when you lay down for bed. Other highlights include easy installation between your mattress and your sheets and up to 30 days of rechargeable battery life.
The ZEEQ Smart Pillow is actually four products in one. In addition to offering a premium, integrated sleep tracker powered by our premium iPhone and Android sleep app, it utilizes advanced electronics to alert you when you are snoring with a gentle vibration, prompting you to change positions without waking up. Built-in speakers let you drift off to your favorite music or a selection of relaxing sounds, both with an automatic shutoff timer. The pillow itself is a technological marvel, offering REM-Fit’s cutting-edge fabrics and padding materials. Finally, the premium sleep app boasts smart home capability, so your lighting and climate control systems can automatically optimize their settings when you go to bed. The end result is a new level in restfulness, and a full range of insights each morning.
REM-Fit Tracker Comparison Chart
Retail Price $29.99 $59.99 $149.99 $299.99
Best For: Tracking of entire day, value price Tracking of entire day, plus time, date, flashlight Advanced sleep tracking and analysis, including heart rate and respiration Sleep tracking and analysys, plus snoring solutions, sleep sounds, music, alarm, and more
Rechargeable Battery Life 4-6 Days 5-7 Days Up to 30 Days Up to 14 Days
Smartphone App iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required) iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required) iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required) iOS App (iPhone 4S or higher), Android App (Android 4.3 + BLE or higher required)
Smart Home Compatible (IFTTT, Amazon Alexa) N/A N/A N/A Yes
Installation / Use Wrist band wearable device Wrist band wearable device Sensor strip, placed between mattress and sheets Sensor integrated into pillow featuring advanced fabrics and padding technology
SleepPoints – Sleep Tracking X X
ActivePoints – Activity Tracking X X
360LifeScore – (Sleep and Activity) X X
Steps X X
Distance X X
Calories X X
Advanced Watch – (Date, Time, Battery Life) X
TwinkleTorch – (Flashlight) X
Wristband with Color Options X
Belt Clip X
Comprehensive Sleep Tracking and Analysis X X
Heart Rate X
Respiratory Rate X
Medical Grade Sleep Sensors X
Wireless Music with Timer X
Partner-Friendly Alarm X
Snore Alarm X