Along with a healthy sleep routine, being in good physical shape is a vital part of living a prosperous life. Yoga and general stretching exercises can offer countless benefits in both your physical and mental health by relaxing muscles while simultaneously building core strength. Check out the following collection of items to get you going.

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Extra-Thick Mat

Starting at $19.49

This 1/2-inch-thick mat offers an enhanced level of thickness. This extra-thick layer cushions your feet when standing and stretching, and it supports your body throughout all types of routines. Carrying strap included.

Patterned Mat

Starting at $29.95

Made of technologically improved TPE that is both eco-friendly and super durable. Convenient carrying strap included. Designed with alignment lines to ensure your latest pose is executed flawlessly every time.

High-Density Mat

Starting at $28.99

Coming in at just under 1/4-inch-thick and 2.5-lbs, this extremely portable mat is ideal for the more experienced Yogis. When laid out, this mat covers a 72" x 26" area, giving you plenty of room to flow through your moves.


Yoga Accessory Bundle

Starting at $26.99

Stop your hunt for yoga tools now and check out this kit of essentials. Two blocks, a 12-ft strap (with loops), and four resistance bands (of varying weights.) This kit, along with a quality mat, makes a perfect starter set.

Roller Wheel

Starting at $28.99

Enhance and support your deep stretches with this compact wheel that's super portable, weighing in at just 3-lbs. The inner core that supports up to 220-lbs is wrapped with durable, grippy yoga mat material.

Bolster Pillow

Starting at $69.99

This is the perfect companion for your restorative practice. Each and every bolster is expertly crafted from mixed density layers of foam, with a concentrated core that provides long lasting density and structure.



Non-Slip Socks

Starting at $14.99

You will feel confident, stylish and protected with our anti-skid, non-slip ballet-inspired socks. Feel free to move and spread your toes naturally with our full toe grippy socks with the cute design.

High Waist Leggings

Starting at $16.98

Smooth seams with softer threads and moisture wicking design. These yoga pants are great on the mat, in the gym, or while trotting around town. Two side pockets and one inner pocket.

Crop Top Tank

Starting at $15.98

The length is longer than a typical crop top which makes it really nice to wear in yoga without feeling too exposed. Knotted just loose enough that you can flow through your poses effortlessly.


Minimal Slip-Ons

Starting at $21.99

Whether lounging, lifting, or practicing your latest yoga poses, make sure you do it in ultimate style and comfort. Try these non-slip slip-ons for ideal breathability and grip while exercising.

Stretch Cotton Pants

Starting at $16.98

While made primarily from cotton, these pants have just enough spandex woven in to allow your flexibility to shine (or be practiced!) Big side pockets ensure you have a place for your valuables.

Long Sleeve Linen

Starting at $9.99

This shirt pulls double-duty as a yoga friendly shirt, and stylish casual wear. The loose fit is perfect for yoga and stretching exercises as it wont bind you up. The cotton linen material is cozy as can be.

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