12 activities to enjoy spring to the fullest

 Spring is here! As the weather warms up around the country, we all start to venture outside more. With the season comes an opportunity to switch up our routines and incorporate more outdoor activities. We asked the REM-Fit community, and some of our Facebook fans shared their favorite ways to get outdoors:
  1. Cut the grass for the smell of a fresh lawn , Wanda L.
  2. Walk in a forest preserve , Judy S.
  3. Enjoy being outside and watching everything budding and blooming , Judy F.
  4. Run 5ks and 10ks , Jared V. Jared is also starting his first half marathon soon. Good luck, Jared!
  5. Lay in the warm sun , Cindy H.
  6. Go bike riding , Jennifer H.
  Here are additional suggestions to take advantage of the season:
  1. Plant a garden: If you enjoy being outdoors, growing your own garden can be so fulfilling. For many plants, this is the best time of year to start. Where you live could determine the types of plants you should consider. Better Homes and Gardens offers helpful tips on how to grow your own garden and how you should garden when you live in an apartment.
  2. Join a team: Many look forward to the coming months as this is when most softball and kickball leagues start. They vary from co-ed to very competitive, so there' a league out there for everyone.
  3. Schedule a race and begin training: Spring training is great because higher temperatures are more likely to permit running outside again. Who doesn't love running outside after running on treadmills all winter?
  4. Play sand volleyball: As it gets warmer, sand volleyball courts and clubs open. Sand volleyball is a fun way to get friends together, go outside and switch up your typical exercise routine, too.
  5. Test out a new resolution: Was the winter too stressful to put your New Year' resolutions into motion? Many agree that now is when you should set new resolutions. Spending more time outdoors in the sunshine also boosts your vitamin D intake, which is likely to help you feel happier and ready to take on a new goal.
  6. Rev up your spring cleaning: As you clean your home, don't forget to consider your bedding. Check and see if you need to make replacements, especially pillows. It' recommended to clean them frequently and replace them every three years. Depending on the quality, it could be sooner. Try out this test if you're not sure if it' time. If you're in the market for a new pillow, consider the REM-Fit REST Collection' Adjustable Pillows. They help regulate body temperature during sleep and protects against allergens and dust mites.
  Spring is the period of new beginnings, so don't be afraid to get out and try something new! Grabbing a friend to play tennis or just sitting outside and enjoy the weather will have you in the mood to kick off the season and enjoy it to the fullest before we head into summer.