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5 Morning Rituals for Success

With all the responsibilities life piles on us, it' imperative to hit the ground running the moment we wake up. Unfortunately, a less than ideal morning routine can lead to a sluggish start, and by lunchtime, we're hopelessly behind on our task list. For better results, we suggest a set of healthy daybreak habits that can help maximize productivity. Following are our top 5 morning rituals: Track and Analyze Your Sleep While many of us religiously watch our "steps" throughout the day, keeping tabs on our sleep can be just as (if not more) beneficial. Why? By gauging the quality of our sleep (how many times we wake up, how often we are in sound sleep vs. restless sleep, etc.) we can then make correlations to our activities from the previous day. These could include when and how we exercised, what we ate, alcohol intake, etc. If you analyze your sleep before you start your day, you can take mental notes of things from the previous day that may have helped (a morning run), or hurt (a late night slice of pizza) and make corrections to your activities in real time. And the best tool for tracking sleep? A smart pillow. In addition to industry-leading sleep sensors and app-based sleep monitoring, it can stop you (or your partner) from snoring, play soothing music or sleeps sounds, and remotely control your lights, thermostat, and locks. Stretching It' likely many of us only stretch before or after a workout. As it turns out, stretching each morning can ease the pain of sore back muscles. Stretching also is said to promote circulation, improve your posture, provide a boost in energy, and even enhance balance, helping you avoid an accidental fall. Exercise This may require some extra discipline, particularly if mornings involve getting kids ready for school. But if you can make time, many believe there are real benefits to a morning workout over one in the evening. These can include a boost in productivity, focus, and energy throughout the day, a curbed appetite, and (believe it or not) better sleep that night…which can help ensure enhanced productivity the next day. Meditation Whether seeking a spiritual connection, mental well being, or a way to tap into your "beast mode" when you get to the office, people meditate countless ways and for any variety of reasons. And while there is some debate on how exactly meditation helps, there' fairly universal agreement that it does. As such, taking a few moments each morning to clear your mind of "noise" from a busy life can help you better focus on what the day will bring. Breakfast It' fairly common to discuss breakfast with respect to boosting metabolism, regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and other health benefits. Many also believe that a healthy breakfast improves concentration and memory, and also provides the energy needed to complete tasks. There is a heated debate over whether it' best to eat breakfast before or after your morning workout, but most whichever you choose, make sure to eat a healthy morning meal. Planning Between our jobs, kids, home improvement projects, fitness, and saving for the future, there' an awful lot to manage during a typical day. This can seem overwhelming at times, causing you to bounce around between tasks and not really getting anything done. One of the most important morning rituals you can have is planning. There are a variety of different methods that can span from using a sophisticated time management tool on your phone, to simply putting a "to-do" list down on paper. Whatever you do, the simple act of identifying and prioritizing your tasks can make a huge difference in what you get done. Get a Good Night' Sleep Granted, this isn't technically a "morning" ritual, but even the best morning tips will be ineffective if you don't wake up rested. To that end, we recommend:
  • Getting to bed on time the night before
  • Setting your thermostat and lighting for optimum sleeping comfort
  • Using a quality mattress
  • Equipping your mattress with a mattress encasement
    • Minimizes allergens
    • Fights dust mites
    • Prevents bed bugs
  • Using a smart pillow to help ensure sound sleep
There are many quality products on the market today that can help ensure better sleep. The following are some of the most effective: ZEEQ Smart Pillow , This industry-first smart home compatible product not only analyzes your sleep through REM-Fit' proprietary smartphone app, it helps you stop snoring through a gentle vibration that stimulates the need to shift positions. It also streams music, sets an alarm, can turn off lights and adjust the thermostat, and is breathable so that you can enjoy a cool pillow all night long. It' an all-in-one device that encompasses everything REM-Fit knows about achieving restful sleep. Sleep 200 8-Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress , As it adapts to the shape of your body, it provides customized support, while keeping you cool. The two layers of quality memory foam are naturally resistant to bed bugs and allergens, helping you to maintain a clean and discomfort-free sleep environment. Energize Collection , 300S Series Sheet Sets , Featuring a soft silk-like feel, these Tercel sheets keep you cool, manage moisture, resist bacteria, and are non-allergy inducing. Rest Collection , 300 Series Adjustable Pillow , Customizable to provide optimal head and neck alignment. Manages moisture and temperature, resistant to allergens and bed bugs, and breathable. Energize Collection , 400K Series Bedding Protection Kit , A 360-degree solution to protect your mattress and pillow from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, mold, sweat, spills, stains, and more. Preserves the peak performance of your mattress and pillow and makes them last longer, too. By utilizing REM-Fit sleep technology to optimize your rest, you can make the most of your morning rituals.