Cleaning pillows: A must to avoid mites, mold and bacteria

 Is cleaning pillows on your to-do list this weekend? It should be, according to Good Morning America. The GMA team examined what was lurking inside several consumers' pillow this week, and the results were stunning, and in some cases a bit nauseating. Many consumers , who said their houses were cleaned regularly , had dust, bacteria, mold and mites residing in their pillows. Here' a look at some of those startling pillow hygiene test results. Losing sleep yet? If you want to get started cleaning pillows in your home to keep bacteria away, Apartment Therapy suggests using a mild, low-suds detergent and a washing machine or sink filled with "very hot water." In addition to cleaning pillows, keep the following tips in mind to make sure your resting spot is clean and bacteria-free: By cleaning pillows and following proper bedding hygiene strategies, you and your family can avoid unwanted mites, mold and bacteria for a comfortable, safe sleep.