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Creating a morning routine

 Do you find mornings to be the hardest part of your day? Are you envious of people who are clearly morning people? Mornings can set the tone for your entire day, so creating a routine can be critical to help you get started on the right foot. We have tips and tricks to creating a morning routine that will help you rise and shine with the best of the morning people.
  • The goal in any morning routine is to help you have a happier, easier day. When deciding what you want in a routine, consider what is important to you. Whether that is eating breakfast, showering, exercise, painting or reading. You should plan your mornings around what will help you have a successful day. Make a list of all the activities you want to accomplish in the morning and narrow it down to what you can fit in your time.
  • Consider how much time you have to dedicate to a morning routine. If you are ready to start getting up an hour earlier then great! But if you need more time to adjust start getting up 10 minutes earlier. Even with 10 extra minutes, you can do an activity on your list.
  • Stop thinking about negative topics. It is a bad habit to begin your day thinking of all the stuff you don't want to do that day. Instead, push yourself to think positive. Avoid your electronics for the first half hour after waking up. Instead, try meditating or journaling in the morning. This will help lead your mind to all the positive things happening to you. Try this 5-minute Journal for an easy writing guide to concentrate on positivity. Or this guided meditation for clearing your mind.
  • A routine is not created overnight. It takes time to make something a part of your lifestyle. It will take time and dedication, but the investment will be worthwhile. While many people suggest it can take up to 21 days to form a new habit, it will take everyone a different amount of time to change their lifestyle. Remember to be consistent and stick to the routine, and soon enough it will feel natural to you.
  • Do your research. What do other people do in their mornings to be successful in their day? Here are some articles that can get you started: The Morning Routines of the Most Successful People and The Morning Routines of 12 Women Leaders. However, remember that not all morning routines are the same. You should pick and choose the parts that will help you lead a more successful life.
Once you have created a morning that fills you with positivity, making this into a routine only comes with repetition. Remember to concentrate on what will help you have a successful day, share positivity and be consistent. All these tips and tricks will help you start your day on the right foot!