CrossFit Injuries: Three Ways to Avoid the Sport' Risks

  We've seen the headlines. We've read the rumors. According to "experts," CrossFit is dangerous and causes injury. But these speculations are neither true nor false. As with any exercise program, including CrossFit, there are always associated risks and the possibility of getting injured. But it' not a given. Whether you're a new or old pro, you can avoid CrossFit injuries with three simple steps. 1. Find a good gym and a coach. With CrossFit gaining in popularity, boxes are popping up everywhere, so it' important to do your research. A good CrossFit studio will have introductory or "on ramp" programs, which will introduce beginners to new movements, teach form and position, and assesses your level of flexibility. A good coach should be invested in your well-being and modify exercises for individual ability, which is particularly important for preventing CrossFit injuries in those who are new to the sport. Also, don't be afraid to ask your coach questions, and make sure whoever is coaching you is CrossFit Level 1 certified! 2. Listen to your body. If you experience extreme muscle soreness following a workout, feel weak or light-headed during exercise, pay attention. This is your body' way of telling you that something is wrong and that you need a break. To help prevent CrossFit injuries, learn to listen to your body and recognize the signs of overtraining before they occur. 3. Sleep. This should be a no-brainer, but sleep is essential after any intense exercise, as your body heals itself while you're sleeping. This is particularly important after strength training programs, like CrossFit, where your muscles have been torn down to some degree and need time to repair. The REM-Fit Rest 200 Series Adjustable Pillow can help. It' designed for those with an active lifestyle and you can add or remove filling to tailor it to your specific sleep style, helping you to rest comfortably, recover and stay motivated. Still nervous about picking up CrossFit? Here' your insider guide to all things CrossFit, including wardrobe suggestions, lingo and, most importantly, how to rest up and reach your fitness goals.