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Crowded gym? Five workouts you can do at home

January 26, 2016

Are you a loyal gym enthusiast who notices there are more people at the gym after the New Year? Or is the weather terrible and you can't imagine going out in the cold, let alone exercising? Even if you love the gym, you can still reach your fitness goals by switching it up with at-home workouts.
  1. Focus on your core
Many core workouts are easy to replicate at home because they require little to no equipment. Bicycle crunches, planks, sit-ups, v-ups and flutter kicks can all be done with just your body weight. And have you ever tried to see how long you can hold a plank? Trying to beat your record (while keeping good form) will get you better abs in no time.
  1. Check out your furniture
Don't forget that furniture and other household items around the house can have other uses, too. For instance, are you used to working out your triceps using a bench? You can easily swap a gym bench for a couch or chair. If you love using bands but don't have them at home, another option in a pinch can be a towel. Lacking weights? A one-gallon jug of milk or water can be a good alternative to an 8-pound dumbbell.
  1. Try out no-equipment cardio
If you're not an outdoors person and hate the gym crowds, it can be difficult to squeeze in cardio in the winter. Aside from the standard classics like burpees and jumping jacks, a few other cardio workouts include: kickboxing, squat jumps (dual-purpose!) and a personal favorite of ours , hosting your own dance party. Who doesn't love sweating it out to a favorite song? Take it up a notch and try to learn your favorite music video' dance routine. You'll be surprised at how tricky it can be, and before you know it, you'll be getting in a killer workout.
  1. Don't skip leg day
If it' leg day and you're avoiding the gym, there are plenty of exercises that you can do using your body weight. Squats, lunges, side lunges, wall-sits, bridges, and donkey kicks are all great options to add to your at-home leg routine. And if you're one of those who swears you can't do squats without heavy weights, try completing eight (or more) rounds of squats in 30-second intervals , doing as many squats as you can during that time. You might be surprised at how sore you can get without weights.
  1. Create your own yoga studio
Even if your usual yoga class is full, there is still a way to replicate your favorite session at home. You can create a similar atmosphere to a yoga studio by moving furniture out of the way, dimming the lights, lighting a candle and playing soothing music. With a mat, you can get in your flow in no time. Not sure where to start or forgetting specific positions? You can also cue up a video on your laptop and follow along , all without leaving home. The beginning of the year is typically when gyms are the most crowded, as many people are committed (for now) to their New Year' resolutions. If your resolutions include fitness, you can monitor your progress with the REM-Fit Active, a sleep and activity tracker that will keep focused on your daily activity while also monitoring your sleep to ensure you're getting at least seven hours each night. Hopefully these at-home workout ideas will help you stay on track. Good luck on accomplishing your goals this year!