Debunking the Most Common Sleep Myths

With all of life' daily responsibilities, it' easy to skimp on sleep every now and then. Unfortunately, many sleepers think they know everything about shut-eye , which causes them to get a restless, subpar night' rest. Make sure you don't fall victim to these three common sleep myths from Eating Well.
  1. Falling asleep with the television on is OK.
    1. Truth: Artificial lights from the television may actually suppress production of melatonin and shift your circadian rhythm.
  2. Warm herbal tea will help you fall asleep faster.
    1. Truth: Many herbal teas are touted for their ability to help drinkers fall asleep, but the American Academy of Sleep Medicine says the effectiveness has not been scientifically proven.
  3. Weekends are the time to catch up on lost sleep.
    1. Truth: You can make up for one or two nights of poor sleep on the weekend, but if you have more than two sleepless nights per week, it' more difficult to recover.
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