Five reasons to get more sleep

October 10, 2015

Whether it' for Facebook stalking or catching up on those bookmarked Netflix shows, staying up past bedtime is an easy habit to develop. But, skimp on too much sleep and you will pay the price of poor health , just ask Men' Fitness. The magazine shared the article "Sleep or Die" to detail the potential risks associated with lack of sleep. And this isn't the only time sleep deprivation has been associated with death. created an infographic with similar insights into the critical need for a good night' sleep. Here are five reasons you need more sleep , starting tonight:
  • Avoid weight gain: Sleeping fewer than seven hours will make your body store fat reserves while simultaneously increasing your appetite.
  • Don't crash: Sleep-deprived adults drive similarly to drunk drivers , a scary, dangerous reality.
  • Help your heart: Sleeping too little may increase your risk for coronary heart disease.
  • Be injury-free: If you're waking up early to squeeze in a workout you're more likely to get injured in everyday activities.
  • Stay sharp: Want to succeed in school, career and life? Sleep more. Sleep deprivation impairs mental performance and limits your ability to learn.
If you need some extra motivation to get more sleep, buy yourself an incentive (possibly a new pillow?) to start your sleep makeover.