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Five Things to Know Before Your First CrossFit Workout

Starting any new workout can be overwhelming and intimidating, but going to your first CrossFit workout can be downright scary. If you're trying CrossFit for the first time, fear not.This list of five things to know before your first CrossFit workout will help you fit in at the box like a seasoned pro.
  1. You don't have to be in great "shape" to start. As a beginner, you're probably thinking of bodybuilders and former gold medalists, but really anyone can do CrossFit. What' great about the sport is it' designed for "universal scalability." So if grandma can do it, so can you.
  2. It' called a "box," not a gym. CrossFit studios are called "boxes" because that' what they look like. Most are located in warehouse-like spaces with a square mat covering the floor and an assortment of weights, kettlebells and ropes. So don't expect any fancy thrills when you head to the box for your first CrossFit workout. Also, be sure to study up on the other CrossFit lingo you'll be hearing around the box.
  3. You will sweat, so dress comfortably. Wear clothes that allow you to move and sweat. And make sure you bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated after all that sweating.
  4. Have fun with it. As with any exercise program, the most important thing is to challenge yourself both mentally and physically, but make sure you have fun while you're doing it. Many have found the sport to be a great social setting. In fact, this mother/daughter duo enhanced their relationship with regular CrossFit training.
  5. Rest and recovery. Sleep is essential after any intense exercise as your muscles need time to repair. This is particularly important after strength training programs, like CrossFit, where your muscles have been torn down to some degree. The REM-Fit Rest Adjustable Pillow is great for athletes who need to rest. It' designed for those with an active lifestyle and you can you can add or remove filling to tailor it to your specific sleep style, helping you to rest comfortably, recover and stay motivated to head back to the box tomorrow.
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