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Healthy Sleep Inspired Kid's Bedroom Decor

June 26, 2024

Are you trying to design a cool new room for your kid and want to incorporate some healthy sleep accessories into the mix? Look no further than our list of ideas to help you make the most of your room makeover. Your child will love the new additions to their space. Sleep tight! 



1. Sleep Trainer, Nightlight, Sound Machine. This machine has a built in alarm clock, sound machine, nightlight, and is super cute. 

2. Star String Lights Any kid would love to fall asleep to the soft lighting of these cute star string lights!

3. Mindfulness Breathing Puppy With a built in guided visual meditation breathing light, this 3 in one device also offers a night light and noise machine option. Great for ADHD sleep relief!

4. Pig Stuffed Animal Hugging Pillow  Need something to give a hug while you fall asleep? This cute stuffed pig does the trick. It comes in multiple sizes to get the right fit.

5. Glow in the Dark Fleece Blanket Snuggle up with this soft fleece blanket with star and moon glow in the dark images.

6. Astronaut Projector & 4.7" Galaxy Lamp This combo is super fun and helps kids wind down at night because they limit the light in their bedroom while creating a cozy atmosphere.