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Marathon Training Rest Regimen

 It' marathon training season and you're working hard to prepare both mentally and physically for that big race. But, when preparing for race day, it' important not to neglect one of the most important aspects of your marathon training regimen , sleep. Experts generally recommend an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night for healthy adults, but athletes, especially runners and those who are endurance training, need even more sleep. When marathon training, your body goes through a lot of wear and tear and your muscles need time to rest and recover. When you sleep, your body releases growth hormones, which is what stimulates tissue growth and muscle repair. Not getting enough sleep can lead to a decrease in muscle mass, reduce your exercise ability and prevent you from training the next day. Still not sold on sleep? Recent academic studies have looked at the impact of extra hours of sleep on athletic performance and suggest that sleep is a significant factor in achieving peak athletic performance. Even after the marathon is over, it' important not to forget that your body still needs time to rest and recover. You'll most likely need at least an extra hour of sleep per night for a few days as your body repairs and readies itself for upcoming workouts. For those of you who have trouble sleeping pre and post marathon, the REM-Fit Rest Collection 200 Series Adjustable Pillow can help, as you can add or remove filling to tailor it to your specific sleep style, enabling you to rest comfortably, recover and stay motivated to achieve your goals. Still not sure how much sleep you need as part of your marathon training rest regimen? Check out these tips for race-day success.