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Mouth Taping for Better Sleep--Does it work?

July 05, 2024

People who snore—or their bed partners—are always looking for a way to stop the nighttime noise. A new sleep trend all over the internet is mouth taping. What is it and does it work?

Mouth taping is a trend where a person tapes their upper and lower lips closed before going to sleep to encourage breathing out of the nose, which they hope in turn helps stop snoring. 

In a study of people with mild sleep apnea, wearing the mouth tape caused all the participants to breathe through their nose and it changed the angle of their palate and tongue. This resulted in less snoring and less occurrences of lapsed breathing. There is little research at this point if it is beneficial to sleepers without sleep apnea.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t anecdotal support of mouth taping at night. People claim mouth taping has helped them with a variety of issues besides snoring, including fatigue, concentration issues, bad breath, and even excessive thirst at night. Further research is required before any definitive claims can be made. 

Mouth taping can also have its share of side effects, which everyone should be aware of before trying this trend. These include lip irritation from the adhesive, pain removing the tape, and anxiety and disrupted sleep for those who find it difficult to sleep while breathing through their nose. 

Want to give it a try? Sleep Foundation recommends testing the tape out during the day to check for breathing difficulties or potential reactions to the adhesive. And always ask your doctor first.

If you are interested in trying mouth taping, this set is a clear option while this one is a different style and comes in colors.

Want some ideas for alternatives to mouth taping? Try these:

Nasal Strips: These adhere to the nose to expand the nasal passage and encourage nose breathing while you sleep.

Practice Healthy Sleep Habits: Go to bed the and wake the same time each day, skip alcohol and caffeine before bed, sleep in a cool dark room, and exercise during the day. 

New Pillow or Mattress: By trying new bedding products, you could find yourself sleeping in a better position and naturally reduce your snoring. Shop here for some of our suggestions. 


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