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Pets in the Bed: Perfect or Problematic?

April 07, 2015

An important, exciting milestone in dog ownership occurs when your pet has completed potty training and is ready for the next big step: your bed. Some experts say allowing pets to sleep in your bed is completely normal and safe; others view it as unhygienic and problematic. While the ultimate decision lies with you, the pet owner, here are a few things to consider (via Paw Nation): Pros:
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: Similar to pet therapy, having your four-legged friend nearby could ease those late-night worries.
  • Deepens the pet owner/pet bond: One dog trainer noted that her hyperactive lab calms down when invited into bed.
  • Intensifies allergies: Pet dander and fur stays on pillows and in sheets after the pet leaves the room. Those with sniffles or wheezing should consider having their pet sleep on the floor or outside of the bedroom.
  • Creates power struggle: Allowing your pet to sleep in the highest, most comfortable spot could create or enhance the alpha dog mentality. If this is the case, Orlando dog trainer Todd Langston suggests training your dog to get off the bed willingly.
If you decide to let your pet into bed, don't forget to protect your mattress with the Ulitmate Fitted Sheet to keep the allergens and potential liquids from harming it.