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Seven Simple Ways to Improve Fitness and See Results

April 16, 2015

Too busy to head to the gym? Bored with your workout? Not seeing the results you were hoping for? Don't let these be the excuses that prevent you from exercising this week. Here are seven simple ways to revamp your workout, improve fitness and see results.
  1. Deskercize. Exercise doesn't always have to happen at the gym. In fact, there are plenty of desk exercises that you can do right at your desk to improve fitness.
  2. Change it up. If you're doing the same exercise routine over and over again, it' bound to get a little repetitive. Try changing up your routine by adding a new type of exercise, like CrossFit, to your program. Having a well-balanced exercise regimen can prevent injury and improve your endurance, strength and range of motion.
  3. Stretch it out. Don't let stretching take the backseat to your exercise routine. Stretching not only improves flexibility and range of motion, but also improves your athletic performance and decreases chances of injury. Try adding pilates or yoga techniques into to your exercise program to challenge yourself, increase flexibility and improve fitness.
  4. Take a class. Workout classes allow you to have a fitness instructor motivating you to work harder and encouraging you to take your fitness to the next level. If you don't have access to fitness classes, there are tons of personal training apps available for download that will help you improve fitness and see results.
  5. Workout with a friend. It' much harder to blow off a workout when someone else is involved, so find a workout buddy to help keep you accountable and motivated and introduce you to new exercises.
  6. Pump up the volume. Music can improve fitness by helping you set the pace, last longer and enjoy your workout more. Check out this list of 100 best workout songs to get you going.
  7. Healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is a combination of everything you do, including your sleeping habits. Sleep is essential after any fitness program. With a sleep and activity tracker such as the REM-Fit Active, you can also monitor your sleep and ensure you're getting enough each night.
To reach your full fitness potential, you have to let go of excuses and dedicate yourself to hard work and much-needed recovery periods. Over time, you'll see results and, most importantly, feel great!