Six ways to get outside more this winter

For many of us, it feels as though winter has lasted forever. This time of year it' tempting to hibernate until spring. Yet, now is the time to take advantage of all that the winter offers that you can't do in other seasons. Don't let the snow and cold stop you from heading outside and embracing winter activities.
  1. Have an old fashioned snowball fight. When was the last time you participated in a snowball fight? Get a group together and break off into teams to take part in this classic winter pastime. You'll quickly remember how fun it is to strategize, make snowballs and launch them at your opponents. Before you know it, you'll be laughing while getting in exercise. Then, you'll earn that hot chocolate at the end!
  1. Find a great hill for sledding. A childhood favorite, for sure, but nothing beats sledding. Half the fun is embarking on the adventure to locate the perfect hill, and then once you get there, fitting in as many runs as you can. When you were younger, did you see how many times you could go down the hill? That meant running up the hill every time. At the end of your adventure, you'll be tired and sore from sprinting. It will be worth it for the adrenaline rush of going down the hill once more.
  1. Hit the slopes. Whether you're an old pro or a novice, skiing or snowboarding can be a blast. Many will opt to make a weekend trip out of it and head to the nearest slopes. If you're not sure if it' for you, most ski resorts will have other activities such as tubing. If you're nervous, remember you don't have to commit the whole day to skiing or snowboarding. It' worth heading out just once though , you never know if you love something until you try!
  1. Try out snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. If you're interested in experiencing a favorite, quintessential wintertime sport, snowshoeing and cross-skiing are the ultimate. Some places will allow you to rent the snowshoes or cross-country skis, and many state parks have trails for both available. Be ready for a workout, too, as both sports burn more calories than traditional downhill skiing.
  1. Go ice skating. Another classic winter activity that should be on everyone' seasonal bucket list is ice skating. Even if you skate throughout the year indoors, nothing beats skating at the local outdoor rink. Grab a friend or loved one and make an afternoon or evening of it and enjoy going off the beaten path of your usual exercise plan.
  1. Run (or walk) in the snow. Enjoying a run in fresh-fallen snow is an experience that' unparalleled in other seasons. Snow can provide a little extra cushion while running, as long as it' not too slippery. The key is to slow down and not push yourself too much , running in snow uses different muscles, so you could be more sore than when you normally run.
  No matter which winter activity you choose, don't forget to keep tabs on your activity with a device such as the REM-Fit Active, a sleep and activity tracker that will keep you focused on your daily activity while also monitoring your sleep to ensure you're getting at least seven hours each night. Soon winter will be over, and spring will bring a whole new host of fun activities. The snow and cold may be enough to keep you bundled up indoors, but get out and enjoy it a little too , you may be surprised at how much fun you can have outside, even if the temperature is below freezing.