Sleep: The #1 Way To Fight Colds and Flu

   As the saying goes: "There' no cure for the common cold." While it' true that a number of remedies can ease symptoms, for the most part, you're stuck waiting it out. With cold season and flu season in full swing, it' important to know that through better sleep and proper sleep health, you have the ability to shorten the time spent sick. Here are some reasons why:
  • As Everyday Health writes, sleep helps your body to fight the infection that' causing you to feel ill.
  • An article published by Inside Science backs up this claim, and also cites a study which showed a special protein is produced during our sleep that speeds up recovery.
  • Finally, ABC News reported about a study that found "‚Ķthose who slept eight hours a night on average produced twice as many antibodies against the flu shot as individuals who got only four hours of sleep on average."
But just spending time in bed isn't enough. For truly restful sleep, you need to create the ideal conditions. How to Create a Positive Sleep Environment For optimum rest, it is typically recommended to keep a bedroom temperature around 67 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity between 30% and 50%. When sick, you may find congestion relief by running a humidifier. 50% RH is still an ideal indoor humidity, but anything between 40% and 60% is likely acceptable. To minimize allergens that can irritate your already sensitive respiratory system, a thorough cleaning and dusting of your bedroom will help. How the Pillow and Mattress Improve Sleep In addition to plenty of blankets on hand to put on or peel off as you vacillate between feeling hot or cold, you will want a quality mattress and pillow. This is because they can work together to minimize pain and discomfort, helping to ensure you have the best chance of a restful night. Quality bedding will typically address the following:
  • Support , A supportive mattress will prevent the heavier parts of your body from sinking, causing poor spine alignment and ultimately discomfort and pain‚Ķa supportive pillow will ensure your head and neck stay aligned as well.
  • Conformity , A mattress and pillow that shape themselves to the contours of your body will provide uniform support for better comfort
  • Weight dispersion , When the mattress and pillow evenly distribute support, it prevents pain caused by excess pressure on a few areas of your body
  • Motion separation , This is particularly helpful when sleeping with a bed partner, as it helps prevent you from being disturbed when he or she moves
  • Added comfort benefits , The highest quality mattresses also help enhance sleep through innovative materials that help regulate heat and wick away moisture
The Prevention of Allergens If left unprotected, a bed is a haven for allergens like dust, pollen, and dust mites. Having these sleep inhibitors inches from your nose and mouth is the last thing you need when you're already coughing and sneezing. Installing mattress protection/mattress encasement as well as pillow protection keeps these particles from collecting on your bedding, reducing the number of allergens your respiratory system is exposed to at night. Protection in Case of Spills and Accidents A spilled glass of water may not seem like a big deal, but any liquid that seeps into your mattress could lead to mold. Like other allergens, mold can exacerbate your cold or flu symptoms. In some cases, it' possible that symptoms of a mold allergy can be mistaken for cold or flu symptoms. Fortunately, many of the same mattress encasement and pillow encasements that protect you from allergens also guard against spills and accidents. Better Health in Bed Once you've achieved a healthier sleep environment, the next step is adopting sleep health habits to ensure the time you spend in bed is beneficial to recovery. Here are some examples:
  • Getting to bed on time the night before
  • Using a smart pillow to help ensure a deep sleep
    • Stops sleep-robbing snoring
    • Tracks sleep to help identify daytime habits that affect sleep health
    • Plays soothing sounds or music to help you rest
    • Can control lights and thermostat to optimize indoor sleep conditions
There are many quality products on the market today that can help ensure better sleep for quicker recovery from illness as well as illness prevention. The following are some of the most effective: ZEEQ Smart Pillow , This industry-first smart home compatible product not only analyzes your sleep through REM-Fit' proprietary smartphone app, it helps you stop snoring through a gentle vibration that stimulates the need to shift positions. It also streams music, sets an alarm, can turn off lights and adjust the thermostat, and is breathable so that you can enjoy a cool pillow all night long. It' an all-in-one device that encompasses everything REM-Fit knows about achieving restful, deep sleep. Sleep 200 8-Inch Cooling Memory Foam Mattress , As it adapts to the shape of your body, it provides customized support, while keeping you cool. The two layers of quality memory foam are naturally resistant to bed bugs and allergens, helping you to maintain a clean and discomfort-free sleep environment. Energize Collection , 300S Series Sheet Sets , Featuring a soft silk-like feel, these Tercel sheets keep you cool, manage moisture, resist bacteria, and are non-allergy inducing. Rest Collection , 300 Series Adjustable Pillow , Customizable to provide optimal head and neck alignment. Manages moisture and temperature, resistant to allergens and bed bugs, and breathable. Energize Collection , 400K Series Bedding Protection Kit , A 360-degree solution to protect your mattress and pillow from bed bugs, dust mites, allergens, mold, sweat, spills, stains, and more. Preserves the peak performance of your mattress and pillow and makes them last longer, too. By utilizing REM-Fit sleep technology to optimize your rest, you can spend a cold season and flu season healthy and active.