Start a sleep diary for stress-free rest

Do you consistently have trouble falling or staying asleep at night? It may be from too much caffeine, stress or even an undiagnosed sleep disorder. No matter the cause, keeping a sleep diary can help you learn about your sleep patterns and issues that may be caused by your sleeping habits. Starting a sleep diary is easy. All you need to do is make sure you keep a detailed recording of daytime and sleeping habits, including the following:
  • The time you went to bed.
  • The time you woke up.
  • How long and well you slept.
  • How many times you woke up during the night.
  • How much caffeine or alcohol you consumed and when.
  • Any activates that you did before going to bed.
You can also record your sleep habits using the National Sleep Foundation' printable sleep diary. However you choose to start your sleep diary, you're one step closer to having a stress-free rest. Need extra help getting a better night' rest? Try these five tips to improve sleep and the REST Collection' line of adjustable pillows, which will ensure a comfortable night' rest, whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back.